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At age nine, Leslie Jones began singing in the church under the influence of her father, who loved music and worked  on the radio station of singer Stevie Wonder, KJLH. The girl then attended high school at Lynwood High School, California, where she also played basketball. She studied law at Chapman University, but did not finish, and eventually graduated in communication. At the same time, she worked as a DJ on California radio and performed stand-up comedy shows.
She debuted as an actress in The Outlaw (1998), at the invitation of actor Leslie Nielsen, who attended one of her shows. After working on highly successful films among African-American audiences such as National Security (2003) and At the Peak of Fame (2014), she was nominated by friend and actor Martin Lawrence to join the cast of Saturday Night Live. For the program, she was recognized as one of the great comedians of her generation by being nominated for the WGA Trophy of the American Screenwriters Guild in 2015.
Leslie Jones Filmography Includes: Wrongfully Accused – A Feeling Called Glory – Something Like a Business – House Arrest and more.

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