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Your search ends here because you have found Justin Bieber Snapchat username. Keep reading news of Justin Drew Bieber and find snapchat code or snapchat id. He is currently 21, or just Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer of R & B pop.  Born on March 1, 1994, in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, in Canada, is the son of Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber. Justin spent most of the time with his mother, which he says is one of his inspirations, and his maternal grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale.

During childhood, around the age of two, the boy began to show deep interest in music, proof of this are the videos of the same even as a child, he appears by sound using furniture of your own home. According to Pattie, Justin used to attend church with her to train some musical instruments, one of them being the battery, one of the greatest passions of the star.

Later, in 2006, only 12 years old, the teenager took an important step in his career, perhaps one of the things that would lead to the rise of the current success: the contest Stratford Idol, Canadian version of American Idol. While all the other competitors had attended singing lessons with distinguished professors in except Bieber, that was no reason to take the boy to dropping out, coming to be among the three finalists of the competition.

By the end of 2007 created a YouTube account with the name of Kidrauhl where posted their videos of musical performances to send them to family and friends living far away. In the channel, you can see that Bieber was the use of their favorite singers to covers, such as Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. What is not passed by the head of Justin so far, it is that the small action post your own creations, would lead him to be recognized in the four corners of the world, all thanks to Scooter Braun, his current manager.

Scooter at the time was former marketing executive of So So Def Company Recodings and assistant do one of Bieber’s videos, decided to contact the family of the young, and “yes” answer after a long time of insistence. Braun took Justin to Atlanta, in the United States, radical change for those living in small Stratford, with just over 30 thousand inhabitants. There was the setting for the meeting of JB and Usher in the courtyard of the record label Island Records of LA Reid, who later, in October 2008, would be signing a contract with Justin Bieber.

In early 2014, Justin, even 19 years, had his career marked after being arrested while doing a split next to Khalil Sharieff in the streets of Miami Beach, in Florida; the singer, who had to pay a bail of US $2,500 was driving under the influence of alcohol and with the losing driver’s license.

Apart from this episode, the teen star has been involved in other issues in court, as he was accused of playing 20 eggs in the house of his neighbour in Los Angeles, in California.

Whats Justin Bieber Snapchat?

Justin Bieber Snapchat Possibly Are:

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Musical Career

His debut album was My World, with songs like One Time, arriving to gain certified platinum in countries like the United States and Canada, also reached the top 20 of the charts in several countries, including Europe. At the time, the singer came to hold a small promotional tour to promote music in several US radio stations. In addition to One Time, the CD included exclusive tracks as One Less Lonely Girl, Favorite GirlDown To Earth UsherLove Mand and Common Denominator. “One Time ” reached the twelfth position in the Canadian Hot 100 during its first week debut in July 2009, and took the twenty on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

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Later, the singer released his second project, My World 2.0. This time, including songs Baby (featuring Ludacris), Stuck in the Moment, Never Let You Go, Overboard, Eenie Meenie (Sean Kingston), Up, and That Should Be Me. the Baby single became Justin’s brand song, getting to compete with Bad Romance by Lady GaGa, the views YouTube, and is considered the most watched video in the history of the site. “Baby” has sold more than 6.4 million downloads and was among the bestselling hits of 2010, according to the ranking made by the IFPI site, as well as being in the top 10 of France , United KingdomNew Zealand and Ireland.

So successfully led the singer to be part of his own documentary. Never Say Never, directed by Jon Chu, tells the story of the star from Kidrauhl to one of the most recognized and celebrated celebrities in the world today. Currently, Justin has the album My World, My World 2.0, My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never: The Remixes – a box with the most recognized bands of the star, remixed and with cameos.

An album that cannot be overlooked is Under The Mistletoe;  The album, released in late 2011, in addition to the song  Pray , contains 14 Christmas carols and with the participation of singers such as  Boyz II Men , Mariah Carey ,Busta Rhymes and Band Perry .

In the year 2012, the Canadian released a new album of exclusive music, Believe. A mix with 15 exclusive songs with the participation of names of contemporary hip-hop. A CD-selling and downloads around the world, including Brazil.

In early 2013, Bieber released Believe Acoustic, his second acoustic CD, consisting of eleven tracks, eight of them have sung in their previous album and 3 exclusive. The CD has received numerous accolades because Justin expose his voice perfectly without the use of resources and transform considered ballads songs in a kind of R & B slow.

Even in 2013, the Canadian wanted to innovate and began to release a new song every week, joining the majority in digital CD Journals, released at the end of the year, with the singles All That Matters and Confident.

Currently, the star is working on an acoustic project with Cody Simpson, and has revealed it will release an album with the singer in 2014.



The first of them was named My World Tour and began on June 23, 2010, in Connecticut, in the United States. Amply disseminates Justin Bieber work on albums My World and My World 2.0, with huge stage structure, with the presence of stars like Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell (only the first part of the tour).The show’s opening song is Love Me, one of the main singer. At this time, the stage is covered by smoke and a huge globe up to the arena, leading fans to madness. In other songs, Justin makes use of special materials, example is the metal frame in heart shape during the performance of Favorite Girl.

They were performed in total, 130 shows. His last stop was Latin America, highlighting the Brazil, where the singer performed 5 big shows, supporting approximately 58,000 faithful in every arena. The tour had its ending on 19 October 2011 in Venezuela.

His second world tour, was named Believe Tour and began on September 29, 2012, in Glendale, the United States. The show consists mainly in spreading the album Believe and his top hits. The show shows Justin’s maturity as a singer and dancer, but still shows great stage presence that the singer has. Structures are used where the Canadian passes over your audience during the performances of fall and Be Alright. Not to mention the moment Bieber gives a chance to its fans re – member his old tour, dancing and singing hits like One Time and Somebody to Love. The tour has a total, 155 shows, going through all parts of the world, including Africa , where the singer had not spent the previous, and Brazil , which had the show São Paulo marked for leaving the stage without sing the hit Baby .

The tour, currently ranks fifth among the best tours of Pollstar, and had its ending on December 8, 2013 in Perth , in Australia , won a film with the same title released in Christmas 2013, which shows a little more of the life of the star both on stage, and personal life.


Achievements in Awards

Between the years 2009/2010/2011/2012, Justin Bieber was present in important awards in international music that were remarkable in his career, such as Golden Globe Awards, Teen Choice Awards, American Music Awards, Video Music Awards among many others. In the year 2013, Bieber won awards at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Much Music Video Awards, and Billboard Music Awards among others.

Currently, the 20 – year-old singer has on your bookshelf, a collection of enviable trophy for any artist, with more than 170 nominations, and a total of more than 124 premiums due. Even with all this, with a legion of fans who are always present and a youth marked by huge success, it ensures: is just beginning.

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